The gold and caviar ritual body treatment contains jojoba, apricot  kernel and sweet almond natural oils.

Gentle relaxing full body massage is an ideal way to overcome fatigue, both physical and mental. With amber scent and a subtle golden sparkle the skin is left more radiant looking.

Gold body scrub naturally moisturisers, gliding easily over the skin’s surface to gently exfoliate. Rich caviar extract benefits from vitamins A,D,B and trace elements of amino-acids helping to promote healthy ageing.

Our paraben free combines the perfect combination of grape-leaf, pearl and caviar extract gold shine and skin loving ingredients  two-step luxurious full body massage and caviar peel will nourish the skin, preventing ageing

Detoxifying Body Ritual

Regenerating detoxifying deep movements with detoxifying pumpkin scrub rich with vitamin A improves the lymphatic circulation with a positive effect on increasing flexibility of the skin.

Soothing chocolate and cocoa bean self heating body wrap

Formulated with cocoa beans containing the obromine which helps the breakdown and drainage of fats for firmer skin. Packed with a wealth of minerals such as magnesium and zinc which are great for detoxifying and cleansing the skin



Rosemary and Guarana Peel off Body Wrap

Combines algae, fat busting guarana and horsetail with aromatic and uplifting rosemary essential oil, rich in anti-oxidants to target cellulite and hydrate and tone the skin




Classic massage is the best know form of massage and one of the most effective therapies supporting the body. During the massage several techniques are used on the muscles, ligaments, nerves and soft tissues. It is great relaxing massage, restoring well-being and liberating the body's natural energy

Using natural Aromatherapy Oils


Exclusive care ritual, extremely relaxing both body and mind. Warm oil from the candle, consisting of natural waxes and an aromatic blend of essential oils, will leave the skin wonderfully hydrated, silky smooth and embraced with the fragrance for a long time

Massage Candles: Choose Honey, Rose,Cacao or Fig


Hoppi Ear Treatment with Sinus point Massage

The soothing Hoppi ear candling treatment can physically remove wax and debris from the ears and re-balance ear pressure, open vital energy pathways in the ear and stimulate the head and neck lymph nodes.

Many have also found it to be a remarkably calming treatment that can promote deep relaxation and improved sleep