Skin Care


The cougar beauty range has been formulated and designed for those who enjoy high quality treatments and are not prepared to compromise.

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Snake Venom Facials

The idea might seem bizarre.

The main ingredient used in this snake venom facial, SYN-AKE is actually not real snake venom, but a synthetic version developed to mimic the paralysing effect of a temple viper’s venom.

When snake venom is applied to the skin during the facial, clients experience a relaxing effect on the skin. The ingredients send messages  to the muscle receptors not to relax thus a relaxed ’botox’ effect is achieved.


Bee Venom Facials

A natural products the first of its kind. This unique treatment has been specifically created using natural and organic ingredients, combined to work in synergy for an instant anti-ageing effect leaving you looking and feeling younger


Snail Slime

Soothes, regenerates and heals the skin this new innovative treatment is known for its super moisturising properties. Leaving your skin feeling softer and less blemished


60mins £40.00 Course of 3 £100.00

Skin Concerns

Acne and Acne Scaring

Treatments using Alpha Hydroxy acids, poly hydroxyl acids and neoglucosamine for oily/acne prone skins

This treatment also uses high frequency and LED light therapy.

The treatment is designed to stimulate cell renewal to improve skin clarity and brightness whilst helping to reduce oiliness, pore size and helps with scaring


Rosacea/Redness and Sensitive skin

Treatment using Polyhydroxy Acids such as Gluconolactone and Lactobionic Acid which strengthens the skins protective barrier, making it less vulnerable to irritants, and reduce skin redness along with the healing properties of LED light therapy to help heal the skin.


Milia Removal – Quickly and easily diagnose if you have milia (small white spots) and then safely remove them, with min comfort.


Facial Thread Veins – Say goodbye to those spidery veins

The treatment consists of tracing the capillary with a tiny needle causing the capillary to dissolve back into the body.


Skin Tag Removal

The treatment involves using short wave diathermy to cauterise the blood supply to the skin tag resulting in them falling off. A quick, effective treatment